Thursday, May 18, 2017

9ice speaks on marriage + why he wants his wife to kneel down when serving him food.

In a recent interview with Funmi Iyanda, 9ice has revealed that he still wants his wife to kneel down and serve him his meal. A lot was said about relationships and it was clear 9ice was a traditional thinking man when it comes to relationships.

(My problem with men like this is that they want to enjoy the benefits of such  old school relationships forgetting that this men catered to the need of their wives as well when it coming to providing every single she needs). Well here is what 9ice had to say.

"I'm single but I'm not searching because it's not part of my priority right now. I've dealt with this topic so many times and people just tend to take the negative side of it but it's like they don't understand what I'm saying because they're not in my shoe."-
"Marriage is not for this generation... I have my reasons (for saying that) because, as a Nigerian, as a Yoruba man, there are some culture and tradition that you're being taught when you're being brought up as a man. You want the same thing from your wife (but) you're not going to get it from today's woman. because then we have exposure. They are the ones that sent us to school. And I still want my woman to serve me food and kneel down. Ejo Aunty, who's going to do that for me now?"
He further added "but you're not going to get that as a man, so we today's men, we need to get that into our thick skull that you're not going to get the same thing your mom is giving to your dad. You are going to get something different because who you're getting married to is quite different from your mom. But we are not ready. That's why you see that this generation are losing marriages, six months and it's dissolved.

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