Sunday, October 1, 2017

My family says I must settle them before I get married - Man cries out.

A troubled man has cried  out online after his family said he must settle them before he gets married. This is after taking care of them for 10 years according to him. Read his story below.
i have always have a very close relationship with my siblings while growing up, which i have tried much to see that everyone is comfortable. i don,t based in Nigeria, but my family has always been my first priority. but everything changed immediately i want to get married. that i have to settle everyone first before getting married. they automatically ganged against me, that if i don,t settle that no one will come for my marriage. this really pissed me off cos this is the same people i have been struggling for over 10 years now. am no longer a kid if i start to settle i will never get married. this is really disturbing me, they only call you on phone when they need something. it really hurt when people you love dearly treat you like this. how do i go about this cos i have decided what ever will happen let it happen, let me look for my own life. i owe no one a dime, every struggle is me and me alone,
This story was first shared on Nairaland. 


Allyk said...

"Aye le o,..."

General said...

Lmao!!!! Naija mentality