Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sophia Momodu & Imade Adeleke is giving us |Mother/Daughter goals!

Says what you want about Sophia but you can't touch how beautiful her relationship with her daughter is. If you follow her social media, you will notice how much love she gives to her little girl.

She wrote;

"You said good morning mummy today with your beautiful smile & it warmed my heart so much! We have bonded alot on our trip out here it’s so cray!(our first time alone together no grandma, no nannies, no aunties jst me & you). Ive grown a lot & so have you I’ve been told that I’m always so upbeat & lit lol how can I be sad? Imade is such a ray of sunshine I’m so in love with her #ImadeAppreciationDay"

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MsDee Ess said...

Bless. May nothing come between their love.