Monday, November 28, 2016

Pretty Mike of Club Uno is Bobrisky's Bae..Details

This tip is spreading fast. According to multiple sources who contacted Sub Delivery man on twitter. Popular Lagos boy and club owner Pretty Mike of Club Uno is Bob Risky's bae.

Who would have thought that maybe Pretty Mike was the Bae sponsoring Bobrisky's Lifestyle? It is npow being reported on social media (Sub Delivery Man) who shared receipts sent to him by anonymous tippers linking Prettymike to Bobrisky.

It all started when Bobrisky revealed bae was upset with him for travelling to London and then he claimed he was going to see bae to pacify him by kissing and make up.

A few hours later . Okunleye Idros popularly known as Bobrisky shared a photo of his hands on a man's thigh. And now social media users are telling Sub Delivery man that it is Pretty Mike.

After he shared this photo online showing off his bae's legs, Multiple sources contacted Sub Delivery man with details.

Nigerians react to the news that Pretty Mike is Bobrisky's Bae.


Deekay said...

People are sharp oooo

A Thelma said...

Whataaaa fu**ery loooolz so all d while pwetty mike was doong jobrisky and he was busy shows us gals dms... Lmao!!! Dammy just made my night lit!!!