Thursday, April 20, 2017

Caroline defends Kemen. Questions TBoss for sleeping on the same bed with him.

Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma got people upset after she shared a post that has now been deleted following the tirade of insults she got. A lot of people told her to mind her failed marriage and her runs girls loving husband.

Read all the drama after the page break.

She wrote;

A fan finished her off;

This woman is confused, I would say more but you know how it is important as a blogger to be neutral sometimes. Kissing competition YES but it was not only TBoss that was kissed. If you watch that show and you did not feel disgust at how Kemen kept following Tboss everywhere despite her obvious disgust for him......then I just do not get people.

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MsDee Ess said...

It's like saying someone deserved to be raped cos they wore a short dress.