Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my very first blog entry


truth is , i dont really have much on my mind right now.
i've been thinking of having my own blog too like lots of people i know
but laziness wont let me :D ok so now i have it!
i just hope i wont abandon it!

that;s all for now, lol


Unknown said...

Welcome to blogsville...it isnt really much of a tedium blogging..just do ur stuff when u feel like...rock on.

Dami said...

yay, who else but u, my first visitor, lol

Anonymous said...

Hehe...just come on i whenever!! Even if you just blog to talk about me it's all good!!:D jokes!!
Anyways, you always have something interesting to talk about...it's just laziness that might slow you down. I look forward to reading loads of enteries!!xx

Dami said...

lol@ talk about u!
u know i could type a whole day talking about u. lol
maybe i should do something about how we became friends lmfao and how u were once a male.lol

Anonymous said...

O ye?? And how you paid for my sex change..lol.

Dami said...

and how u refused to repay my money..lol

jaynnet said...

you er already welcomed

Dami said...

hey janet...u can still welcome me now.....it's not too much