Friday, February 1, 2008

Chineke!!!! it's February , i don die

*sad* now it's the month of valentine
arrrrrrgh, i hate this month!
why? it's not for single peeps like me useless friend and her BF are already planning
i just dey look dem, i was telling them nothing dey there jare
valentine is a day to show love to the less privilege
and all that bla bla nonsense we use to cover up ( singles una know now, lol)
but deep down, i wish there was someone special :D
chei...see my life
who send me dey front? *yawns*
time for my reward for all the i wanna be single nonsense
then a voice is telling me common dammy u can do this :D
ha! this voice , the same one that's telling me to front (hahahahaha)
ok...i have done this before
i'll do it again :sad:

so the mischievous voice is telling me
why not get someone for just that day?
who?????? abegi , none of them..cos after that they would want to get serious
i no want :D

so i guess , i'll be celebrating it as usual:D
thank God i dont lack gifts and attention sha :bow:

Lol...i don kolo


jaynnet said...

oga! baby wetin you want self no lack gift just joking but keep being reserve as you are ..the right guy might just be watching.....but its true that valentine is not only for romantic lovers.....

Anonymous said...

I don laugh die!! See this babe o! Now the thing dey hungry you. LMFAO!! If I dey 9ja now no be to shower with gifts...hahahahahaha.
But come on now, Vals is like 2 weeks away or so. I've got a date's gist for IM/phone...:P How about that ''E'' guy?? Na wa for you o!!!:(

Dami said...

LOL, JAYNET. make sure u call me or text me on that day
abeg it was yesterday i was feeling that way happy to be single

Dami said...

*shock* Dee, who? cant wait to know who...or is it B? hahahaha

Anonymous said... felt that way yesterday?? LMFAO!! Weirdo!!:P
Ye...I'm glad I'm single as well jor....Hehehe

Na..not B...lmfao!! But this one has got a ''B'' in his name sha.

Will yarn you on monday.

Woman, fix up that phone thingy nau..xx

Dami said...

lol, i keep forgetting about the whole thing, when i see the guy that's supposed to tell me how!

hmmmmmmm, today is monday o, i dey flash or something when u are on, cos am signing out

Unknown said...

it's Single Awareness day jo :o

i will be celebrating mine in grand style...taking myself out and umm enjoying being single

Dami said...

lol, u know.
dunno for me sha
it's a Thursday, i might to to church :D.

But i'll get myself a gift sha

ShadeCrown said...


its not the end of the world naww.. like i read somewhere, vals day shud be a 'me' day, use it as a day to pamper urself..

Dami said...

alright, point taken :)

jaynnet said...

who is sour and sweet.............sounds
so iya!!!