Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is this fashion or Madness?

hmmmm, what am i blabbing about?
the lastest trend of course!
guess what it is?
you will never imagine *smh*
in my entire life, i never thought a day would come when it would come to this
come to what? PEOPLE ARE NOW WEARING DIFFERENT COLOUR OF SHOESin the name of fashion!

when i first saw it was *Denrele* that presenter from soundcity
i was like *what* but i let it go cause he is known for being a weirdo
and he was doing his job, as a presenter..hmmmmmm

then the greatest shock was when i started seeing it, on the streets of lagos
first time i saw this girl wearing a green top mixed with some white
and she was putting on, one leg of green shoe and the other white
i was so shocked and i thought, ok , she's just a weird one that loves attraction.

Right now, as i am posting this entry, i have seen more than 20 people
on the street with this new craze. :(
God help me, i shall now join them :pray: lol

so what do you think?
is this fashion or fashion gone sour!


Anonymous said...

na wa ooo
maybe they're bored with the current fashion. they knw they could always start wearing 50's fashion, right?? as for one shoe green, another white, am not buying it. damn,,,i'll look mad..forget wot othr ppl might think.....think wot ud look wa ohhh.....
one time, some chavs here wore tracksuits bottoms underneath their jeans...girls and boys...and they'd pull the jeans down..grr...
denrele is jst mad..and i think he shd be on his own there, ppl shdnt copy him.. i still say he's trying to be the nigerian russell brand...but it doesnt suit him. he's a fine dude. wotever rocks his boat sha..

Dami said...

truth is, it fits some of the girl i saw in black and ! hot!! hot!! but i still find it crazy :(

i pray i never find this madness cool sha, cos that was how i said i was going to wear those skinny jeans... and i do :D

Dami said...

BTW, i think denrele is just trying to create an image for himself, seeing the kind of job he's into. (presenting).

Anonymous said...

ye but he shdv created an image dt loads of people would like to imitate and nt that. that's wot mad ppl in 9ja wear!!!

u cnt see loads of ppl abroad suddenly deciding to copy his fashion sense.

Dami said...

He did not send them to copy him o!
besides most of the clothes he wear an tv ( while presenting) are always unwearable, just crazy. it's his style.

but why are they copying him? ( if he's the originator that is) i saw it on him first though

Anonymous said...

maybe they're jst attention him.

Dami said...

lol, some people just dont know when to follow trends set by these celebs.

caramel said...

lol.. i have seen peeps do that here

ibiluv said...

each to his own.thats all i will say

Dami said...

hmmm, each to his own, am tempted to join them :(

cos the chica i said i saw in yellow and black, mehn, it was hot..

but i still find it crazy :D

Anonymous said...

if u join them, i wont spk to again!!lol..
come oh..different shoes or same shoes but diff colours??:S

Dami said...

lol@ not speaking to me again,
same shoes different colours
am sorry i forgot to point that out.
it's mostly these tennis shoe, creeps, chocks and the rest of them.

but i saw one girl doing it with a low sandals :o