Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hey Guys, how una dey :)

did you notice a change in my blog address? i moved o, lol
it's now :) cool i kinda like it
why did i change? long

So i am wondering
what kind of crime a daughter commit against her mother
that would make the mum decide not to attend her wedding?
na wah o

it happened to someone i know
I was  shocked beyond words
this woman just disappointed and embarrassed her daughter
ok, last we heard she was coming, so all of a sudden at the last minute
she disappointed, i mean woman you have no option
you were supposed to be there "NO EXCUSE"
Her Excuse according to her daughter: she is not in support of the marriage
ok right, we know you are not in support from the scratch
but you were not against it like "Daughter" you cannot marry him.
and you promised you were coming, until the last minute.
imagine o, this woman's clothes for the wedding was even ready and waiting o!

Some mothers ehn, they make me wonder about the whole Hype about "MOTHERS"i cant imagine my mum missing my wedding o
that woman, if i was getting married to an alien
she's gonna be there .. she go find her way to space or

The week has been Good generally :) a few Snag here and there
but i am so happy :)

Boyz 11 Men : MAMA, dedicated to all cool mums out there.


jaynnet said...

madamme I get you but lets not look at it from a daughter's angle,lets look at it from a mother's.

WHy should I tell my daughter to not marry a guy and she went ahead to marry.if i told her that,it means there is something I have seen and its not right.
its very dispeakable for a mother not to attend her daughters wedding infact this mama tried,she was diplomatic...
but y wont I attend my daughters wedding...wait a minute..who am I to jugde..I cant really say until I know what was involve in the 1st place..what if her daughter was marrying an jshisisosio..U know!!

Debra said...

lol..even if it's an alien!!:P mom sees stuff in her dreams sha and she can tell whether or not someone is right for me..*ahem* Seriously though, i wudnt not turn up to my daughter's best day of her life just cos i don't agree on her choice! come on, if she's gonna make a mistake, let her..she will learn frm it. no one is perfect. it's rude of her mom not to honour the invitation. yrs later when she's dying or smthn, she'll ask for forgiveness as they do in 9ja films..mcheww!! Silly woman. there might be more to this story sha. even my mom wudnt do this to me!! instead she'll go on and on about y i shdnt marry him..and even when we're married, she'll still go on and

Anonymous said...

all the cool moms like abby's mom yeah?

I agree with you o jaynet but mehn on the wedding day? ahnahn that's too far!

Dami said...

ye chari..just like abbi's mum :p

@ jaeynet. i get what you mean, but she gave hope that she was coming until thursday(evening), when the wedding was Saturday. she could have said she wasn't coming from the start nau.

@ Debz. u know....there are other ways for her to register "her lack of support".

Jamilah said...

my mum is the
hmm seriously, thats really messed up...
thank God all parents arent the same sha..

jaynnet said...

lol..who is abby's mum

chai it seems debra seems to be describing my mum who seems to talk on and on when sumfn seems wrong...iakxhcxhdud..but it seems it for the best sha!!!

ok days are like the best in ones life but why didnt mum honour it that she had sumfn against the in-laws family lol....whats her i said the mother tried self..she was diplomatic..if its me I wld go to the wedding on the table and the cake and disgrace my daughter wif a dance and you know by then my bombom wld so big then....u know now..yoruba thing..hasjsjsjd..God forbid that o!!!I love my unborn daughter jareh!!

Chris Ogunlowo said...

Very lovely blog.


Yewande Atanda said...

I'm so lucky I hav a sweet mother.
she's my best friend
she's my best confidant
she's alwayz there 4 me
She's Alhaja Adijat Atanda. I call he 'tripple A'

Dami said...

awww, lmao..yewande.
you made ur mum sound so cool
"Triple A"

Anonymous said...

hmmm thats deeep...