Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Na wah o. how far my people :)
make i yarn.......

I wont admit this to a guy or say it in public but
some of us (girls) have issues and we are the cause of our
"Heart-Aches" to a large extent.

Some set throw themselves at guys and then blame the guys for not
paying them attention, not being caring and what have you
meanwhile, the guy is not interested in you and you "know it"
so who is deceiving you?. how can he be caring when he doesn't feel the need to care for you?

Another set that drives me crazy are those that fight because of men
I cant stand that
i cant do it for two reasons.

1) No man is worth fighting for
2) I no get power :D ..lol.

I see a lot of girls beefing other girls because of their men
if you have a problem with your boyfie paying me attention
sort it out with him not me o.
some it is not their boyfie sef, maybe they like this guy
and y'all are friends with the guy
and the guy happens to be paying you the attention they desire.
Be ready for trouble, unnecessary beefing and what have you.

When i "eventually" decide to mingle with the male folks :D
i know i wont be beefing any girl bcos of my "MAN"
if your man is misbehaving, sort it out with him not the other girl *yawn*

so why am i complaining about girls today?
I'll tell you the story :D

So, my Friend (let's call her Amina)
Amina met this guy sometime ago, and the guy started asking her out
almost immediately but she refused ( according to her)
The guy has a GF then but their relationship was about to hit the rock (according to the guy)
i personally dont believe all those male stories.
anyway, dude finally broke up with this girl(or vice versa, who knows?)
then he started dating my friend. i wasn't in support but i kept quiet
Few months into their relationship the guy was talking about how his girlfriend wanted to have him back and all that bullshit.
to cut the long story short, i started seeing this girl around this guy
and then i asked my friend wassup, because she kept a large part of the story away from me
(maybe because she knows i would curse her out for taking this rubbish)
and then she told me the guy talked to both of them
and he was dating the two of them now ( i was so surprised)
how can any girl accept that????
and the fool believed the guy when he told her she is "Number one"
according to her, at first she and the girl were cool with it
but now the girl is acting bitchy.

I didn't feel pity for her i am not going to lie,
but like a friend i have to be there for her
but she put this on herself!!!!!!!!!! how can you accept your man dating two at a time
it is not like she is disabled or anything, she is a fine chic.


Random thought: i remember this guy i thought i liked one time, how stupid? the thought of him makes me wanna throw up....


ShadeCrown said...

I wuz like who is datnaijagirl now..lol but yea very well said, no man is wot fighting ova, and as for ur friend, na wa oh, she must have a low self esteem and d dude na bastid sha, must be some fuggly ass idiot sef, *hiss

Dami said...

lol, you know i moved my blog.
all my fellow blogged. must have lost track of me..lol...

Dont mind that girl o, i dont know what some people are made of.

ShadeCrown said...

oooh n dat shd av bn WORTH ....

Dami said...

lol,i dont get you.

Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

LMAOOO, as in a relationship with both of them?? Your friend needs to be flogged yo! Is Segun Obe uncute now??:(

Dami said...

yes. with both of them can you imagine. she said he was like i thought it was over between us and she didn't think the same bla bla ...such nonsense...

hehe..i didn't ever find segun obe attractive at all. was he cute before? lol. of all the sexy naija men


hahahaha. Yes, ladies need to wisen up. We can't keep making these silly mistakes.

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Take care!

Anonymous said...

tell me about it girl...some girls are sooo stewpid they be actin all dumb and what not, i mean c'mon its a different thing if ur friend didnt know but she did soo thats just pathetic...the guy thats datin both of em most be feelin really special wit him sef

Unknown said...

All these women sef!

Dami said...

we can be confused at times right? :D

Emeka Amakeze said...

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LoLu said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! I so dont want to read about men now joh!(am going thru some mixed emotions at the moment)...lol...and ouch! omo u hit the nail on the head O!

As for that our gurlfrnd, na wa O! rubbishness in action: dont worry, when the thing wey dey shak am don come down, she wil be back to her senses.

How u dey?