Saturday, May 14, 2016

Neyo's wife put on blast for stalking his ex Monyetta Shaw.

 This is shameful. When the woman with the ring wont let the woman before he rest. TO be honest, I find it crazy that Crystal Renay seems to be the one stalking Monyetta. If you dont get the story, I will break it down quickly.

Neyo was engaged to be married to Monyetta, they have two kids together. He made he tie her wombs so that she wouldn't have more kids. According to her, they also agreed that he do the same. While they went through with her, he never went through with his. Based on trust, she never bothered. 

With her womb tied and no more babies possible, he broke up with her and started dating Instagram model Crystal Renay. They got married  and Monyetta recently opened up in an  interview that she felt betrayed. Well, it seems Renay lurks of Monyetta's page alot.

She posted the photos above and tagged Monyetta. Whatever her excuse for doing that is, she is getting a lot of heat. First, she said tagged her in error. For you to tag people in error, you have to follow them. Knowing the bad blood between them, she clearly doesn't follow her.

The second option would be that she lurks on her page a lot and Instagram would automatically recommend her page. That is the story me and many Instagram users are buying. Crystal needs to chill out. She is always throwing shade at Monyetta but she needs to remember that is the mother of his kids as well.

Fans are currently blasting her on Instagram for being a stalker.

Neyo and his ex Monyetta

Neyo and his wife Crystal Renay at their wedding

She tried to explain after being caught but fans were not buying it.

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