Thursday, June 18, 2020

Singer Azadus recovers from Covid-19

Nigerian singer Azadus who was famous in the 90's with tracks like Madam  has recovered from Covid-19. The singer revealed via his  social media page that he recently survived the dreaded Covid.

He asked everyone to wash their hands regularly and treat everyone out there as a possible infected person. He wrote;

''Glory be to God I just got discharged of Covid-19. Half bread is better than puff-puff
That garri in your house is far better than the good meals you won't be able to eat at the hospital. My Advice, If you must go out, see everyone as that COVID-19 itself and wash your hands for 40secs at the least.
Meanwhile, if you insist that Covid-19 is not real, Covid-19 is not in Nigeria or Africa, haaaaaaaaaa well, don't be shy to ask me questions.Please kindly say a word of prayer for @lagosstategovtUnder the our super caring Governor @jidesanwoolu
God bless''

1 comment:

Deekay said...

Glad he has survived. See medicine. Jeez!!

Anyone that still thinks it's not real is a big fool. I personally know someone who contracted it and died and a few others I know 3rd hand.

I wish him all the best cos I read that even if you are cured you can have long term issues . Really terrible thing the world is facing right now. And to think it could have easily have been man made. Gosh !!!