Saturday, July 2, 2016

Did Dbanj secretely wed a half caste lady in Lagos? Find out all the details

According to new reports, not only did Dbanj celebrate his dad's birthday today, he also got married secretly at a court in Onigbongbo. Reports by Stella Dimoko suggest that it was all done in secret.

Today is Dbanj' Father's birthday and the 25 guests who were invited and attended thought they were going for a birthday party but were shocked when it turned out to be the Registry wedding between Dbanj and a yet to be named Lady......
The New Mrs Dbanj' dad is an American and her mum is half Nigerian,half South African....Registry was at a secret venue and a small reception was at Dbanj' house. 

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Deekay said...

Mixed race is a better term....not CASTE.

Congratulations to him. But why steal his dad's shine ?!