Friday, August 5, 2016

North West reportedly jealous of Saint, She is having Diva meltdowns over baby brother.

PhotoCredit: Splash News.
All is not well in Kim and Kanye's home all thanks to North West being overwhelemed with  the amount of love her mother is showing her brother Saint West. Radar Online reports that Kim is showering all her attention on Saint and this is making North really jealous.

Radar exclusively learned that they're facing another feud: between their kids! A source told Radar that their only daughter, NorthWest, is "incredibly jealous" of her seven-month baby brother, Saint and she is not hiding her anger any more. 

Little North's initial excitement and joy over having a little brother is over, a source told Radar.

After keeping her son out of the public eye for months, Kardashian started parading Saint in front of the cameras  the same way that she used to do with North!

The source also told Radar North is mostly unhappy these days and Kanye is left alone to deal with it by Kim who is now obsessed with Saint.
"North is just such an unhappy child a lot of the time and instead of trying to address this, Kim is just letting Kanye deal with it," said the source.
"North is so incredibly jealous of Saint now more than ever because he gets all of Kim's attention," said the source. "Instead of Kim trying to help North get used to her little brother, she is just ignoring her sometimes now," the source told Radar. "It is just sad!"
North who is very possessive of her mother is pissed everytime she calls Saint "Momma's Boy"
Now she calls Saint 'momma's boy' and North flips out over it," the insider said.

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