Friday, November 10, 2017

Check out this Nigerian male triplets who just turned 40.

How cute are they. Their photos was shared by Nigerian media personality IK and below is what he had to say.
Congratulations to my boys @kudo4real Rado & Tomo as they turn 40. I love the fact that you guys are all your own people. Each man forging his own way in life and succeeding too. Lord knows if I had identical siblings, we’d be running scams everywhere, work, relationships, church... everywhere. I’d go as far as accusing my sibling of committing sins I committed when we get to heaven. #ItWasntMeLord . I pray the Lord continues to bless the paths you have chosen, the families you are leading and the works of your hands in Jesus name. Happy birthday guys.

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olayinka Akinola said...

So beautiful.
Happy birthday darlings.