Monday, November 13, 2017

Yvonne Nelson reveals why she opted to be a babymama instead of a wife + her mother's reaction.

Our favourite girl Yvonne Nelson is having a baby and we are so excited for the sultry actress who once dated Nigeria singer Iyanya. In a recent interview, she revealed why she left her ideal man who proposed to her to settle for being a babymama for her lover who is yet to propose. 

The actress said she refused to move to London to be with her ideal man which is the reason she turned down that perfect engagement. 'He wanted her to move to London, she said. She claimed that unlike many who change their whole life for marriage, she is not willing to do so. Excerpts from the interview below;

On her pregnancy, She revealed that it is quite funny as she got pregnant and settled for being a babymama despite refusing what was thought to be the perfect proposal from her previous lover.

‘’It’s quite funny because someone proposed and I didn’t even get to have a baby for the person and thenthis person who hasn’t proposed I’m having a baby for him. So it’s a vibe, its friendship, its understanding, it’s how happy the person makes you, it is not about someone putting a rock on your finger and you forget.

She was happy when sshe found out she was pregnant.

’I wasn’t sure but I suspected I was. I was in London at the time with my man. I was so ready; I knew this was what I wanted at this moment in my life. I pray to God all the time and I tell him that I want to start a family and have kids of my own, It was part of my prayers so I just knew that I’m not married but this is what I want to do. So when I did a test and it came out positive, I was truly happy.

It was so difficult to tell her mum who was disappointed but now very supportive.

She had just returned from a trip, I remember telling her I was pregnant and she was so shocked and her first words were but you are not married and I replied her back yes mum I know and then it was along conversation but right now she is just so happy and so am I.’’

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