Thursday, January 11, 2018

Cardi B says she is not a role model.

Public service announcement, Ghetto fabulous rapper Cardi B is denouncing the title of role model placed on her without her wish or notice. According to her, he life is not perfect and people need to stop looking for other people to look up to.

She said "Why do people look up to me for? why are people expecting me to have a perfect life? I'm not perfect? Neither is my life stop looking for other people life to look up too."

Cardi B was the biggest break out rapper last year with most of her songs and features making the charts. She is currently dating Migos rapper Offset.

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JudeDahDude said...

People always look up to more successful people as role models.. Wheate u like it or not. Just live ur live ur way.. Knowing people are watching you.