Thursday, February 1, 2018

Controversial Video Vixen Karrine Steffans speaks on sexual abuse in Hollywood.

  • Read what she had to say below;
  • I’ve counted 8 women I know personally who have been screaming #metoo all over social media, and tagging major news outlets and celebrities trying to get noticed — because that’s what it’s all about for them.
    These women, however, are calling out the men they didn’t want to f*ck. They’re calling out the fat, old, creepy, big-bellied, small-dick*d, red headed, and geeky guys. They’re calling out the guys that grossed them out.

    But the sexy, ripped, pretty-penis, debonair dudes who treated them like shit aren’t on their list. No. And you know why? Because they liked being treated like shit by the cool guys. They went back for more each and every time, and have never complained.

    As a woman who has been kidnapped, raped, held at gunpoint, spat on, and beaten within an inch of my life more times than I care to recall, I understand and know all too well what abuse looks like. All of this to say nothing of the public shaming and the sexual coercion that might have remained private if I wasn’t confident enough to write book after book about it.

    So, for the women with actual trauma, who are putting their lives and careers on the line in order to bring light to the deviances of sexual predators, go the f*ck off!

    But to the women who are picking and choosing who they want to destroy based on how grossed out they were by someone’s back hair, eat several dicks.

    There are a lot of fake people out here in Hollywood, and every woman’s outrage isn’t pure. Some women are riding a wave because their agents stopped calling them months ago, and they haven’t booked a job in over a year.

    And if I know 8 such women, imagine how many other people may know.

    I am a feminist but I am also a realist, and a lot of what’s going on in this town is such bullshit. 

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