Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bobrisky has some words for social media trolls.

The bleaching expert who rarely sells creams these days is not pleased with trolls that constantly bothers him on social media and he lets them have it. He wrote;

Some people don't deserve a response guess y! Because they are not in the same caliber with u. Social media is nice but it has advantages and disadvantages. (1) advantage is to make ur brand known worldwide while the (disadvantage is that some people can't even afford your wrist watch ⌚️ not to talk of your kind of car 🚗 u drive or house 🏡, but because dey have access to internet probably by sharing hotspot or borrowing money from their network provider dey wanna type shit to u. All I can say is sorry for u. Lol 😂 keep hating while I keep gathering many admirers and cool cash.

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