Sunday, October 21, 2018

Reality star Bam=Bam talks about her Big Brother experience.

In a recent interview with Sunday Punch, the reality star and actress did a lot of opening up on her life and time in the Big Brother house and how that has shaped some things about her.

See Excerpts from the interview below.

On being featured on Big Brother Naija
I auditioned for the previous edition of the reality show in Abuja but didn’t make it in. After film school, I decided to give it another shot; this time, in Lagos. I remember the night I got called; I was actually house-hunting. I’d just finished film school and wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to Abuja. Although I was a bit nervous, I was still very excited. I didn’t believe I could get called, especially because I was quite different from other contestants at the audition. Getting into the house, I was homesick for some days but because of my adaptive nature, I was able to get by. Sadly, when there was tension in the house, it sort of wore me out. I didn’t enjoy the negativity that went around. When I got evicted, it felt like a gush of fresh air.

On her Parents’ reaction
My parents were not supportive of me going into the house but I was doing the exercise for myself and over time, they got to understand that. Of course, they weren’t excited that their child was in a reality TV show but as a grown up lady who is responsible for her own decisions, they got to respect that.

Her Challenges after Big Brother.

The only challenge I’ve had since leaving the house is trying to balance my new reality, though nothing has really changed. The hustle is the same but there’s just a bigger platform that has put me out there to be known and seen by more people.

The impact of Fame

Fame has made me more grounded because there’s the likelihood to get carried away if one is not careful. I like to pride myself as a planner and dreamer; an ambitious person. Before film school and Big Brother, I had made up my mind to achieve my goals and BBN was a means to an end for that. I wouldn’t say fame came to me by surprise; I wanted to be picked.

Moving forward

Big Brother is in the past but I’m still acting. I’m also an entrepreneur. I own the Bam Beauty Product line. I am working on a partnership because money must be made and it would be nice to stay relevant for a long time. Although acting is my first love, I can’t depend solely on it. Luckily, with running my own businesses, I cannot succumb to silly demands in the industry. I’m seen as a style and brand influencer, among other things.

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