Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Old Days

Ok so I abandoned my blog for a while
Lol, laziness 

So I was thinking about a lot of things
So I decide to pour out my feelings on here, lol
I remember when I was young.
I still long for those days, I cant have anymore
So young, so innocent
I don’t hold grudges
When you hurt me 5 minutes later I wont remember again
Especially when I get biscuits and sweets from you . lol
I didn’t know how to give back the hate
Boys were cool, I see them as playmates not players. lol
Oooohhhh, how I miss Early Saturday mornings
Cadbury breakfast Show :(
Watching cartoon was cool!
No one thinks I am too old to watch cartoon and laugh out loud
But these days I watch them
Pops think I am crazy
I still laugh out loud when I watch teletubbies
Why cant they accept my love for cartoons :(

Aww, how I miss my colourful life
The reds, the yellows, the greens and the pinks.
Then “Mothercare Products”
My mum was so into mothercare stuffs.
I miss when they care for me so so much
I dont care about making my hair
Washing my clothes
Brushing my teeth
Ironing my uniform
why? it's their responsibility!
how about:
Dammy have you done your homework?
Dammy have you eaten?
Dammy will you eat?
Do you want more water?
Come here, your temperature is high!
When it’s cold they cover me up
Now who even notice when I fall asleep?
I have to stop now, before I start crying


Unknown said...

buhahhahaa,..u have not even started

gosh i miss those days as well

ibiluv said...

never understood teletubbies....but i gbadun cadbury's breakfast show till now sef......wetin wan make u cry...grow up....*wink*

Dami said...

lol, i understand those creatures mayne, i hear everything
their food is called tubbies toast, and they have tubbies custard. that their pet/cleaner is called *nunu* lol..

hehehe, i've grown, the memories are just lingering

LoLu said...

Now seriously! I have to come and give you some spanking, get your lil ass here and get blogging jare abi which kain laziness be this sef?

Anonymous said...

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jaynnet said...

oooh wonderful memories and I wish I could do better for my kids and let them know i can never forget their lo er so passionate and tough abit at the same time..thats

Dami said...

lol....passionate and tough..
i know right :D

Anonymous said...

awww me toooo..i miss those days tooo!!!