Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Randomn rants

Hmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, been a while since I blog
To those that were waiting for an update on what I have been up to
Like lolu that took time out to ask me to blog.. lol
I am just in the mood for it today, plus I have a lot on my mind I want to pour out

I don’t even know where to start
right now i am feeling strange
I don’t know if I am pissed or feeling nonchalant
It’s funny how you get to meet / know some people
You love them like they are your family
You care for them, talking/chatting with them makes you very happy
You show them your soft side
And before you know it they start taking you for granted.
You are the only one that call, text.
They barely reply your messages.
They say stupid things that piss you off
And they end up telling you they are joking or something.

So this one person in particular have been annoying me lately
And I wonder why I ever made that call.(you wont understand)
That call marked the beginning of our friendship
But it was important I called …I had to… if only I hadn’t been worried
My Good heart ( yes I have a good heart. .to those that know the about my mean side)
Is causing me this regret.

So next time when I don’t care, when I shut my self away from people
When I don’t respond the way they want
They should understand that I don’t want to be hurt.


LoLu said...

At last!
But hmmm...do I sense *ahem!*?
Don't worry gurl, it always happens. Not everyone will appreciate your concern but you must never allow it to make you back into your shell, you just stand tall and continue to be who you are. One day, they'l wished they had.

Otherwise, how nau?

Dami said...

lol, nope you dont sense *love* :D
it's *Friendship*
could have been who knows?
i am happy i didn't fall in love though :)

otherwise i am good *wink*

jaynnet said...

er u serious
if you wld group those friends,am sure i belong to this kinda pple in your world..dam oneday you wld know whether i appreciated you or not....lol

Dami said...

sweety, lol....you aint even on the list love :)

ShadeCrown said...

well as long as ure happy. dats all dat matters.

Dami said...

i am happy :)

jaynnet said...

aww.tenks....rsi(renrin sita)

Dami said...

lol...this rsi thing has gotten over you, dont infect me :p

Buttercup said...

yea, i feel u...if i call or text a person n i dont get a response like twice consecutively, i just leave the person alone, they always end up comin back