Thursday, July 3, 2008

dis and that

ok so i had a fun and laughter filled day
where do i start from? i dont even know
too many things happened.....

But the part i cant forget, was when i was coming back from a friends place last night
as i was walking towards the turn that leads to my house
this useless guy
it's not about the looks sef
Clad in this fake Manchester united jersey (lmao)
started coming at me
and i kept hearing (hello, excuse me..repeatedly)
i just kept walking and then he was so close
i knew he was referring to me (just incase i was wrong the first time)
then i said "Excuse you ko....Excuse mi ni..common getout"
lmao, i said it o
i was in the funny...razz girl mood...
and he was like
" i am segun, i just want to talk to you, you look familiar"
(mehn i hate that line, telling me i look familiar cos u wanna talk to me)
i got pissed ehn...
and i started laughing, i couln't help it, that line always crack me up chei"
( i could be crazy o)
he then got the message and left....
then i started laughing inside me...wondering what came over me...mcheeeeew...dat's that.

I dont know if i am the only one, but ladies, dont you just hate it when a guy (prolly first time out or first time meeting him or talking to him) goes on and on, giving you stories about his life, where he's been and all that Story?
Dude i dont wanna know it all ... i aint reading a book.
please keep some to yourself
....Go on with what you wanna say and let me be.....grrrrr

well in some cases when i like the guy
i love to listen, just dont bore me with silly tales
of how you are this and that.

ok, on the brighter side, i just found a new part of me
i used to find it very hard to say sorry, when i am sorry
instead i love to act and pretend that i dont care
meanwhile i am dying to say sorry
i have said sorry to three different people this week
and i dont feel lesser than i am ....i just feel free :)

Girls, Girls , Girls...hmmmnnnn
so there is this new bachelor that moved in to our neighbourhood
two closes away from my house
he is the talk of the neighbourhood
i must admit he is cute, nice ride, living the good life ( perfect husband material)
but why is every single girl acting like they have never seen a guy before?
or is it me seeing things the wrong way?
dude is always staring at me sha ( and no haters, it's not my imagination :p)
anyway, he is way older than me ( nothing dey shele)
he said hi to me one time. and i said hello
but since then when i see him, i dont try to greet him and act all friendly
so he wont think , i am one of them girls that have been chasing his behind
BTW, i also heard two girls ( i know dem) fought over him
is it true? me i dont know o
i just heard.....and no..i dont gossip about
the gossipers give me jist :p i cant turn them down now
being the nice girl that i am :)

PS: i dont listen to all jist cos i wanna hear some juicy tales

jeez, i could go on and on, i'll save the rest jist on my mind for another day
lemme go and have my bath, it's 11am already... catch ya


jaynnet said...

lol..olo run....

ah! I feel yah..It happens alot when a guy is not tripping for anyone but you..rsi(rerin si ita)

All what you typed just felt as if you updated my own blog..rsi

LoLu said...

I feel you about the guys coming on with that line, the look wey l dey give them ehn, the next thing dem dey talk na 'no, its not you'

Glad you finding more of you...saying sorry is really soothing especially when its from your heart. ;)

As for the new bachelor in the neighborhood, no comment for nau. I go dey read your blog constantly for more

LoLu said...

RSI - Rerin si ita?, una no go kill person O! Nice one Jay, *vocabulary updated immediately*

jaynnet said...

I and my friend actually brought it up not quite long

Dami said...

@ janet :

lol @ rerin si ta...mehn this yoruba girls sef ..lmaooo
about a guy not tripping for anoyone but you, does that exist? hmmnn, you might be number one but i bet his eyes is somewhere else also

yay, lolu i just saw the blog idols thing, didn't know it was something serious, u know we gat ur back right!!

lmao, at the guys ending up saying no it's not you.....crazy gurl :P

jaynnet said...

You are asking if it exist iya...
Of course it exist..It doesnt concern you if the guy is tripping for someone else as far Its only you in your vicinity..and Its kinda obvious...rsi
see yoruba gurl calling yoruba gurl

Dami said...

lol, we aint the same
so cos i matter most
i should keep mute when he tries to look at other girls?
what makes you so sure you are the main chic.....
i'd rather remain single..

LoLu said...

now dat's where it gets juicy at times - make him know that you are the ONLY one O and give him damn of them are not worth it tho. So its up to you to know whether this situation will allow for you to flaunt or just quit.

Omo I no dey blogville idol again, still trying to recover jare.

Dami said...

ye, i gerrit, lolu
lemme hit u up on your blog

Unknown said...


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BlogVille Idol said...

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ibiluv said...

how u go dey ignore good looking dude????

as u dey ignore u gan be babe whey he go wan chase......give am face

i hate all those excuse me layabouts as well....if u really have class u will catch up with me before you start all this excuse me....some silly ass will even siiiii u on the road...what the fuck&^%$#* i ur neighbourhood bingo?????

ShadeCrown said...

SEGUN leave my sis alone oh!!

dis rohit sef, na d same shege d person dey drop on evryone's blog.. *dead*

anywayz wot wuz i saying, yea stay away from boys, till ure 50.. hahaha


Dami said...

@ ibi..lololololol...u dey mind dem??

@ aunty sha :) lol...50 ke :eek:
i dont want to be an old maid o :(:(

BlogVille Idol said...

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Buttercup said...

1st time here! it was ur profile name that drew me here cos my granny calls me iyalode! lol...

lol u get liver o, to have laughed in the face of mr fake man u jersey..i just ignore all hose irritants n try to get away from em as fast as i can cos i'v got this fear of being beaten or somn, u never know what weapon they might have on(yea, im kinda

if u dont have a problem datin an older guy n hes feelin u, y not? as u said, nothin dey shele!

take care!