Monday, July 7, 2008

It's A New Week..

it's a new week, and i am looking forward to a fun filled week :)

Church was fun yesterday, we had this guest Praise singers from another church and did they do justice to praise and me they did..with all the yoruba songs and ish they were dishing out...with this fuji like tone to it.. i was dancing the whole time, and usually i am very shy about dancing, they did a God Job :)

if there is any song that best describes my mood. it has to be just fine by mary j Blige.

it seems i keep complaining about my friends over and over again these days
i can stand anything but betrayal...naa..cant take that
i hate it when people i call my friends are putting my business out there..
some people just cant close their mouth...*yawn*
I love to keep secret, no matter how little
even if we talk no more or have a quarrel
whatever you tell me is safe with me and me alone
i dont get carried away
i just keep that as our little secret
But with some people
one misunderstanding (if any) your whole business is out there

On a brighter note :) my horoscope says
(Libra: You've been especially gullible lately. Take care to protect yourself from being fooled & getting hurt. .)
i know it sounds tricky, but i know it's true
and further more, before i saw it
i felt this way already
it wont happen again....Never...Ever


ibiluv said...

fashy all them crazy people....
bad friends who needs them???

stay safe gal!!!!!!!!

thanks for voting for me cute ass!!!!!!

Dami said...

i will fashy them :) it aint easy but i will :) staying safe

ur welcome :)

ShadeCrown said...

U and ur friends sef.
dats y u shud keep ur ish to urself and urself alone.. human beings will ALWAYS be human beings! trust noboddi..

anywayzzzz see you around siz:-D


jaynnet said...

Trust to some extent my dear so that you dont become a loner and it wldnt look as if you are selfish.
You are a nice person and you are bound to get hurt.Am no longer afraid of getting hurt iya..i have seen alot.I dont know what kinda friend wld let your secret out even though you parted..That means theres sumfn you didnt sense when you guys were both intimate or when you guys were still on a good term..This is what I always watch out for..stwhhh good luck to who ever...All that matters now is that you can still be happy cos you are one

Dami said...

@ sha :) lol, nothing much happened o, i was trying to tell someone something and i was shocked he already knew, even more than i was going to tell him...

@jaynet :) that was a nice write nothing much happened. just wish some people will wait for you to tell it, before they do

Jamilah said...

i have come oooooooooooooooo

Chari said...

reading ur 2, 3 posts back..babe ur pimping o...jus having fun...dnt let some bad people spoil the fun life ur havin o jare...

jaynnet said...

shebi iya....thats how it suppose be but some pple "jump"and they never fill wrong about it..can you imagine.

Just share ur love wif everyone and the ones that are your true friends wld appreciate it..may be you needto re-shuffle those youshare secret