Thursday, June 25, 2015

Post Marital Crisis: Toke Makinwa is Waxing Stronger - Says you are better off alone if .....

Toke Makinwa seem really excited to release her Vlog for the week which she has titled - You are better off alone. She mentioned that a lot of people have been writing to her concerning various relationship issues. 
You know those relationships that just drain you and wear you outyou are basically looking like shadowns of yourselfYour friends cannot tell you because they are scare you will fall aprtYour family is worried because you are slowing becoming a shadow of who you were

She outlined  some relationships we are better off without  irrespective of how long you guys have been dating or what he says.

1. You are better of alone if you are always crying. If the happy times are way less than the sad times. all you do everyday is cry. Are you a bloody onion? lol. So it is a man you came to this world to be crying for? you cannot cry for your  finances. for homeless and helpless people out there. the one who deserves you will not make you cry all the time.

2. If you realise that the guy can live without you. It is nice to know that someone knows they can live without you but He doesnt want to  There is no pick me up in the relationship. If you are always picking him up when he is sad.

3. He keeps stringing you on. where the guy treats you like if  you want to stay STAY, If you want to go GO, he is not emotionally available. He likes you in his life but he is not trying to keep you. You are better off Alone. The fear of being alone has some many women in terrible relationship

4. You are better off alone if you are dating an NFA (No future ambition). A guy who doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. A guy who is always taking from you. Who does not know what he wants,  Do not wait for someone who cannot rescue himself to rescue you.

this week she said is for the girls. Next week is for the guys ( how to spot those funny funny girls). DNB will be bringing that to you too. ( we like to be fair)

Full video of this week Vlog. below


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