Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Taraji P Henson A.k.a Cookie Covers W Magazine - More Beautiful Photos + Interview from the Magazine

Taraji P. Henson a.k.a Cookie Lyon is killing it on the cover of W Magazine, Cookie, sorry Taraji ( remember when she said Cookie hijacked her name and no one calls her Taraji anymore?) shared more details on how her character "Cookie" came to be.
When cookie was offered the role, she insisted that she would only accept the role if Terrence Howard played the Lead male character Luscious Lyon. When Henson demanded that Daniels hire Howard, Lee Daniels (Empire Producer) remembered thinking, “This bitch just Cookied me! So I made them do a screen test to see if they had chemistry.” Henson, to her credit, put her ego aside and played along. “If I hadn’t, I would have missed out on Cookie. Or, they would have missed out on me, honey.” She laughed. “You can see my head growing!” 

Source: W Magazine

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