Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How Olga Diyachenko met Mikel Obi.

Mikel Obi and his wife and mother of his two daughters has revealed how they met and it is by a stroke of fate, luck or whatever you call it. While answering questions from her followers on an Instagram live post, she revealed Mikel was her parents neighbour but they never met until her family was moving out. She went to drop off the keys and it happened. 

Read what she said in full after the page break.
"Mikel used to be my parents neighbor. We lived there for five years. As my parents were leaving the flat, I dropped off the keys at his flat and that was how we met and started off as friends and then grew into lovers. it was never a magical love story because we were neighbors for five years but we never met until I went to drop off the keys when my parents were about to leave the apartment".

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