Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Leo reveals why he did not stop working after mum's death.

Shortly after being evicted from Big Brother Naija reality show, Leo lost his mother who he talked about alot while in the house. It was a huge blow. After a short period of mourning, he was back on social media promoting his work.

He argued recently that the reason is works so hard is to bury the emotions of losing someone dear to his heart but he works because his mother taught him great work ethics. See what he had to say below.
I’m always working. People say it’s because I don’t want to deal with some of my emotions towards losing the love of my life but they’re wrong. She taught me great work ethic and I’ve been working hard all my life. She always said “no one will hand you your dreams, you have to work towards it. Expect disappointment from everyone but remember they don’t matter towards your destiny, just never disappoint yourself.” That is all I’m doing. Working towards making my dreams a reality.

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