Friday, August 10, 2018

Wizkid's ex, Sophie Alakija's husband reveals how he feels watching her kiss on set.

Sopphie Rammal, now known as Sophie Alakija first hit our screen and instantly became famous when she was starred as the lead girl in Wizkid's hit single "Holla at your boy". It was revealed at the time that the two were in a relationship.

Sophie however ended the relationship just before Wizkid's career kicked off and many are happy for her. This is thanks to his lifestyle (He  went on to father 3 babies by 3 different women as at the last count).

Sophie who is now married and have a cute family of her own is pursuing a career in acting after giving up a music career (She released a rap single under the name Lebanon Ruff"/

Her husband shared the below photo clearly as a joke to let his followers know exactly how he feels when he sees her in a kissing scene. Lol. A man with a sense of humour! We Love.

Wizkid and Sophie Rammal back in the days.

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