Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fashion stylist slam Ebuka for stealing her style.

Everytime Ebuka hits the red carpet, we all go wow...he nailed it... However, his last look has led to some controversy as a fashion illustrator Omonigho Imonah has accused the Big Brother host of stealing her style.

While Ebuka is yet to respond, Omonigho claimed her attempt to call his attention to giving her credit by commenting on his post was  met with the delete button.

She started out by posting a sarcastic message. She wrote;

Who wore it better? Bitch stole my look? Same colour, same gold embroidery details, different sex/wearer... @ebuka talk true... Where did "inspiration" for this your killer look come from? 😂 I checked out the designer's page though michealblackcollection... and he had an original sketch.. Iet's just assume the same idea occurred to us at different times.. Yes? Which of course is quite possible..Mine was created 14th September, Ebuka wore his on the 21st of October. But great job!! I lav it!! 👏👏

Then she went direct.

So yesterday, I brought to your notice the incredible similarities between my design and that of @ebuka. I find it really flattering that although this look did not make top 3 at the @gtbanksketch to fame challenge, @ebuka and his designer thought it worthy to gain inspiration for their design from,which went viral. What I have a problem with however, is not giving me any credits whatsoever.. I reached out to @ebuka,who deleted my comment.. I tried to be a lady... But I guess it's time to go gangsta!.. 

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