Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Miss Understood

Seriously i came here not knowing what to write *scratches head*
too many stuffs going on
too little to remember
as if that enough people keep adding their wahala to your life *sigh*

ok so for the first time in my entire life
someone had to guess my age and they guessed something older
felt strange...i kinda like it though :)
and i was meeting/talking to the said person for the first time.


I made a new friend last week
she is so cool ( my kind of girl)
her name is sophia :)
i can see this new friendship growing already. hehe

So i Kinda like this guy :D
Too cute, it's amazing, the way he talks and all
so slow, like he is waiting for you to understand everything
like he wants you to really understand everything he is saying
and he is cute too :blush:
too Bad i can only say this on here...hehe..
"thou shall not be caught tripping" (11th commandment) lol

So i have an issue bothering me.
what do you do when
you are friends with someone and you like them
and dont want to loose their friendship.
but you became friends with that person through someone else
say their friend or sibling.
and now you and that friend or sibling are no longer speaking to each other
what will you do? or rather what should i do..*sigh*

Am outie :D


jaynnet said...

madame be straight now..sibling or friend??
hmmm !!!
I feel yah on that one
why are you guys not speaking to each other in the 1st place?
if you have no excuse..use maturity to allow the guy re-unite quickly.

This brother you are tripping for dont know but take it slow is the parable I can give u,if its a crush..It wld die off pls take it slow..enjoy it while it last but be aware cos you can easily get hurt o!
holla bk

Dami said...

hahaha, janeti..

all i did was admire the guy na,e neva reach heart break level jare, nothing dey happen...:)

as for that one, hehe, it is not as if, me and the person ( the friend i got to know through the said person) is not talking o, i just feel somehow sha.cos the other person has a lot to do with why we are friends in the first (long story)

jaynnet said...

hmmm..long the person a gurl

e never reach hrt break...theres what we call disappointment..You fit get disappointed...and dont say nothing dey happen

Dami said...

lol, Janet
nobody is breaking anyone;s heart o
not yet. chei see how you are ruining my fantasies sha :(:( lol

and the person is a guy ( a friend nothing more) i just like being his friend.

The Indecent One..... said...

lol...all these ya dodgy story. Be straight 4ward, u like the said friend in wat way? If u aint talking to the pesin who u knew them 4rm, well still dont change nothing. Nothing says becoz u fall out with the middle man u gorra fall out with the other pesin. Just work on not falling out with them, try and keep the beef with the middle man separate 4rm y'all conversations...

as 4 the new guy u now like...hehehe...take it easy. And who says u cant crush on someone? my dear catch ur fun long as ur rep is still intact, ure good to go. Dont go falling head over heels oh...and use ur head not ur heart. :D

Dami said...

lol, was hoping my dodgy dodgy style wont be noticed :o i have reason o, dont want the story to be too specific, i dont know who is reading :D...i just like the guy simple, he is a good friend i am comfortable with. Nothing feelings .

as for your advice on the new guy i like :blush: thanx,i'll make sure i use my head more *wink*

Afronuts said...

No longer speaking to each other?

I think u need to make peace with that person because he or she can taint ur image b4 ur crush...

Its not healthy to keep grudges with someone u were once friends with. If the person becomes ur enemy, just follow the maxim;

"Keep your friends close but keep ur enemies closer"

Dami said...

lol crush is a different guy from the other guy (friend).

yup, i feel the fall out with the other friend can have an effect on our friendship. was just wondering what to do...if he tries to taint my image..i dont really
i am just trying my best not to loose a friend :(

hmm, i like this quote ("Keep your friends close but keep ur enemies closer")

The Indecent One..... said...

lol @ tainting image. How old are y'all again? The giy will be stupid to listen to whatever another person says about ur character without trying to find out 4 himself. WTF? Taint ko...paint ni
Abeg dont worry ur little head jare. Let them taint nau, it's the way u relate to the guy that matters not wat someone u fell out with says.

ibiluv said...

ya friend-u like?-continue

ur friend u no like?-fashy!!!!!!!!!

archiwiz said...

LOL @ibiluv...If e no be panadol, e no be panadol abi??

My dear...I no too understand the story ohh, but like Afronuts said...the friend to your crush who you're not speaking to can crush your impending crush-ship[yeah, I made up the word] with you crush...:)

Dami said...

lol, you guyz are mistaken!

my crush is different from my friend, that i became friends with through another friend that i dont talk to

Crush wise, there is no problem....:)

Jamilah said...

hallos :D

badderchic said...

first time here,

the way see it, friends and family are forever, guys come and go.

whats more important? really its up to you.


jaynnet said...

chop this peace of cake..whether the guy taints ur image or not..make peace

lower ur pride,dont avoid atmosphere that wld make peace for both of you and dont get too comfortable wif ur friend nau!!ah! iya twice beaten abi na twice shy!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm omo iono....its sort of complicated issue..