Tuesday, January 12, 2016

WTH! Rapper Stitches portray women as dogs in his new video

I find this very disturbing. Someone needs to shut this down right away. What I find even more disturbing is the fact that he found women that are willing to play the role. What a shame. How much can someone pay you to stoop to the level of a dog?

How could he think of it. These rappers have absolutely no respect for women. Some of these video vixen or extreme celebrity groupies  are so desperate for fame that what they do scare the hell out of me. See more cringe worthy photo and the video after the page break
The rapper put two women on a leash in his music video, portraying them as dogs

The confused rapper has a label #TMIgang and he is just 20 years old for that matter. So many young men are out there with the wrong mentality.

He might be doing this for fame but he will never get that superstardom with stunts like this. #Trashrappers #Trashmusic

 Shame on these women

Instagram users reacts to the video;

What a disgrace! Before I share my two cents, this video is from a a rapper named Stitches, who was on his new video set... Seriously, WTF!! Why why why? This is beyond disrespectful. Women (or any human) are not dogs and should not be on a damn leash. I want to vomit. I cannot believe Stitches, the other man holding the leash, the women, producer, camera person, or anyone else involved in this video thought this was appropriate. There wasn't one person who thought this was inappropriate? This should be blocked from Instagram, BET, MTV, Vevo, and ect.. This isn't cool. I'm pissed.

Another user said;

Where in the HELL does one do this at? So in 2016 we are supporting artists that literally treat women like dogs and call it "art"? The degradation of the female has no bounds. This is so disgusting and so disappointing
 See Video below;

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General said...

what i call commndification of women . This shouldnt be happening in this time more especially

lilithvampire said...

Yes is amazing good, I like so much