Monday, July 4, 2016

Wendy Williams wade in on Iggy Azalea, Nick Young and Keonna Green situation.

Controversial and highly opinionated talk show host Wendy Williams just dropped her 2cents on the whole Nick Young VS Iggy Azalea situation and she isn't showing any mercy. She went straight in and handled her business. She said Iggy was too young to get engaged anyways plus she thinks she got with Nick just to get edgier in the eyes of the people. 

Speaking on her talk show she said;
We never really knew why they split up except for he was allegedly unfaithful to her. Well there's more to the story. Nick reportedly cheated on Iggy with his baby's mother Keonna Green.
She is reportedly four months pregnant with Nick's baby. In which case, I am team Azalea, Iggy is only 26 so I thought she was too young to be getting engaged anyway.

"For me, the 20s are meant for dipping and doing, you know? She was too young to be engaged and I guess maybe getting with Nick maybe she felt she was edgier with the black people in this country.
"I didn't know who Nick Young was but now I know who he is because he's with Iggy and now we know who Iggy is because maybe she's with Nick."
"So there's no way that Iggy should stick around. Not at 26-years-old. You are too beautiful. There are many more men out there who would like to date you. As for Nick, I don't even blame you for getting back together with Keonna on the low-key."

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