Saturday, August 6, 2016

Yoruba actress, Empress Anu Sosanya speaks on growing up, wanting a man and life generally.

Nollywood actress Empress Sodanya in a recent interview with Vanguard opened up about life. While she revealed she is single, the actress who once played the role of a lesbian alongside Mercy Aigbe revealed she wants a man who would make her feel like having sex every minute.

Excerpts from her interview below.

Are you married?
No, but I have a child.
How did it happen?
It just happened. So many people didn’t know I was pregnant. People say it is not too good having a child out of wedlock but I am a proud mother. I love my daughter to a fault. I am not encouraging people to have children out of wedlock though.
This seems to be a trend in Nollywood, what’s your opinion?
I don’t know about that, but I won’t have a baby simply because my colleagues have theirs out of wedlock. I do whatever pleases me and at my own convenience.
Have you ever been turned on while doing a movie role?
I am yet to meet that actor who will arouse me on set. I don’t get turned on easily. In fact when that happens, I will call for a press conference.
What turns you on?

I have not met that kind of man. It has to be natural, genuine, and delivered with ease.

How’s your sex life ?
Sex is communication, it is passing a message to one’s partner. If I’m in a relationship, I know it is not right to have sex outside marriage but I have to know and understand the sexual ability of my future partner. This is somebody I want to spend the rest of my life with. Sex is fun.
When was the last time you had sex?
It’s been a long time but I am looking for that relationship that will make me want to have sex every second and every minute. For now, I want to be very sure, I don’t want to have sex for the sake of having sex. I need a person that will not make me cry, take me for granted or let me down.

It seems you are heartbroken?
I am not. I am happy with what life has to offer.
The worst thing ever said or written about you?
It was when I shot my third production Edidi (The bond). Mercy Aigbe and I acted as lesbians. It later went viral that I was a lesbian. It didn’t really get to me because I know very well that we are not. I didn’t even lift a finger because of the story. I just let it go.

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