Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Many of you have mental health issues and don't take it seriously - Kemi Olunloyo.


Some of u call me DrKOO because my 1st degree is a doctorate in pharmacy (Pharm.D which is more prestigious than a PhD.) As a clinical pharmacist, I have treated many of u in my pharmacy in Nigeria and the USA dispensing mental health drugs. Many of u have mental health issues and don't take it seriously.

 Nigeria doesnt even observe WorldMentalHealthday. When I tweeted about it last month, you ignored it. You will rather go to church for deliverance than to a psychologist or psychiatrist. You are the first to call me mental patient when u hate my views on a social issue. Many of u were scammed by Premium Times newspapers earlier this year when they published a fake letter from my dad calling me mental and apologizing to public figures.

If not for the quick intervention of @OgbecheDanielle at Daily Post who interviewed my family, my dad denied writing such. Look at the pieced together letterhead of my dad and the cellotaped signature at the bottom. His concubine Ronke forged that. Bastard bitchass! Premium times quickly removed the story put it back up, removed again. Is that solid journalism? Back to Linda. 

She spoke encouraging people going thru emotional, financial and personal hardships to stay strong. Deep inside I saw her hurting too. Linda admitted she's been thru it many times too. I have bashed and ripped her for 3 yrs where the real story behind it will shock u. She has no idea either. But the idea of using her powerful voice to reach her audience this way is impressive!

More videos Linda and you'll win those mamas2016personality award in 2017. 

Nigerians take ur lives seriously. Seek mental health treatment or as Linda said it can lead to SUICIDE if left UNTREATED. robinwilliamsrip who laughed in front of us, had millions of dollars and committed suicide. While we were all busy yesterday with Toke and Maje, she silently uploaded this video. I will post some mental health tips and audios on my page on Account name: Kemi Olunloyo. Join me there. AND PLEASE...Stop the mental health, Yaba Left, Aro jokes. There are ppl fighting DEMONS

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