Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Shady! See what Sophia Momodu posted shortly after Chioma denies her relationship with Davido is in trouble.

Shortly after Chioma reacted to claims she and Davido were having serious issues in their relationship,  his  other famous babys mother Sophia Momodu took to her Instagram page (2 hours after, we to share a meme of 2pac deep in thoughts and covering his mouth.

Our best bet is that she knows something and is covering her mouth like she doesn't want to spill. However, you never know, this is just a picture. Then again, her timing and her lack of words is epic.

Sophia and Chioma are not known to get along abd gave even shaded each other publicly.

 According to sources, Davido's other babymama are not feeling sorry for Chioma as they claimed she laid her bed and she should lie on it. It is said that Chioma have always enjoyed watching Davido treat them in a manner that is unfair just to please her and now they think it is her turn to lay on the bed she made.

Below, is an example of when David and Chioma dragged Sophia online, accusing her of using fake pages to attack Chioma.

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