Monday, June 15, 2020

Watch out Kim, Kylie. Kanye West to delve into beauty products.

Kanye West have proven that when it comes to business, he known what he is doing. Kanye who recently became a billionaire  as reported by Forbes is not backing down any time soon in his quest to increase his brands.

According to reports (by TMZ) and new legal documents they obtained. 

Kanye's company recently filed for a "Yeezy" trademark to cover products like makeup, false eyelashes, facial masks, nail polish, moisturizers, bath gels, body oils, shaving cream, hair care products and perfumes, along with some hygienic products like toothpaste, deodorant and even scented pine cones and aromatherapy pillows.

Kylie and older sister KIm run their highly successful beauty line "Kylie Cosmetics" and "KKW Beauty" respectively. 

Time will tell if Kanye's line of beauty products will be accepted by consumers but hey, it is worth trying.

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