Monday, May 17, 2021

Ladies narrate how their friend betrayed them after they helping them secure a job.

There is an age long debate on whether it is good to work with your friends in the same company or not.  While there are arguments for and against this, two ladies took to twitter to share their betrayal story.

Adepeju, who helped her friend secured a job in her company, narrated how the same friend typed her sack letter.  According to her, the friend was dating their boss who was married and she advised her against it.

"I once inform my best friend about a job opportunity at my work place, She was employed and after 6 months she was the one that typed my sack letter cos she was dating my boss and I advice her not to do such cos he is married. Ever since then I have been careful to do such again."

Another Lady quickly chipped in and told a story of how she was framed bu the same friend she helped get a job in her company. Luckily for her, she was vindicated.

The real question here is, "Will you be willing to work with your friend"


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