Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nelly and Childhood friend in heater war over Ashanti, Shantell Jackson and Unknown babymama

Friends at war. Rapper Nelly in in a heated battle with his childhood friend over women! You see it all started when Loose Cannon slim posted a sexy picture of Nelly's ex girlfriend Ashanti in a red bikini, making her his WCW.

Nelly got petty and posted a picture of  LoosecannonSlim's baby mama from a  photo shoot they did back in the day. It gets even juicer! 

Not done Loose Cannon threw  Shade at Nelly's current girlfriend and Mayweather's Ex. Miss Shantel Jackson. revealing her naked picture and also a throwback photo of her before she dated Mayweather.

He blasted Nelly for not being able to keep up with the standards Boxer  Floyd Mayweather had set for Shantell. He wrote;
I hate corny ass internet ppl!! So this nicca @derrtymo started the shit by making a post bout my son mother with sum lies and I respond wit #FACTS and I'm wrong??? Jus ask the homie @Floydmayweather how much he spent to #FIX da broad and where he found her! Lmao if anybody in their feelings its pimp juice nicca mad cuz I made Ashanti my #wcw and she like the pics ?? Nigga I been posting her for weeks u tryin to get promo for that wacc ass single!! If u so happy wit yo new bitch why u worried about your ex??? Nicca it ain't my fault u traded in a #Ferrari for a #Ford!! #TheFix available now on iTunes!!!! #LooseCannonWildlife#SaintLouisIsMine

Click Here to see the naked Photo of Shantell posted by Loose Cannon Slim

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