Friday, January 1, 2016

50cent babymama Daphne Joy confirms she is dating Jason Derulo

There celebrities and their none ending drama. But to be honest that is what makes entertainment news very interesting. So Daphne Joy is the mother of 50cent's son Sire who by the way has a baby crush of Kanye's daughter North West.

Rumours spread like wild fire last month when Jason Derulo & 50cent was spotted hanging out together in London and they both denied the relationship and 50 cent even had something to say about it. 

When the news broke, He posted the picture below saying the only f*cks he gives are in bed and when someone tried to shade him by saying  his babymama is getting it rom Jason Derulo, the rapper shrugged it off by saying somebody's gotta do it. lol

Now Daphne has been flaunting her relationship with Jason Derulo on her social media page despite the fact that she vehemently denied the relationship at the time.

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Anonymous said...

This is AMEENA I am 50cent girlfriend that's TREY songs baby mama