Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Omotola's reaction to her son's new dreadlock do is hilarious. #Africanmumsbelike

Omotola is a cool mum no doubt. It is evident in the way she plays with her kids on social media. The body language when they are videoed or pictured together is excellent as well. As they say, everyday is not Christmas as the actress might have been taken aback by her son's latest dreadlocks do.

The mother of four posted this picture of her son on dreads with the caption : But this dude wasn't born "Dada" now? I mean warrisdis ? @iamcaptaine is this cute? . lol. 

Forget packaging, An African mum will always be an african mum. Whether Omotola, Iya Tawa or mama Nkechi!

When a mum confirmed to Omotola that she is not going through this alone, she retweeted.

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Jude A. said...

Wat! That guys dreads looks so confused..
Mtcheew, ur mama suppose flog ur nyash