Sunday, July 3, 2016

Domestic violence victim Christina Mack shares her sad story. "I never felt SO AFRAID, SO STUPID, so worthless,"

Why a man would hit a woman and damage her physcially and emotionally is beyond me. The same man who would run if it comes to fighting a fellow man. Accirdubg to Christina she was locked up and beaten for over two hours and she thought she was going to die,,....
"Ever knew how it felt to feel worthless? To wear a smile and tell people you're okay when you're really not? To love someone with all of you and get hurt in return?To hide EVERYTHING to protect someone? Man I used to call females STUPID and look at me going through the same shxt .
Today was my LAST day. I felt like I was about to die today , for TWO hours I was locked inside the house (my son was upstairs) I was getting kicked, slapped, drugged, the back of my neck and rib cage was stomped on. I SCREAMED FOR TWO HOURS !! Nobody came , all I could do was keep saying "Jesus" over and over again. I never felt SO AFRAID, SO STUPID, so worthless, so disrespected, etc. 
LADIES WAKE UP!! They won't EVER stop hitting you! Three hospital visits in ONE MONTH !!! fuck the flowers, the gifts, and apologies, LEAVE ! Y'all know he ain't say sorry until the police pulled up"

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Deekay said...

When will ladies realise that the guy that hits you once is a beast and there's no going back from such behaviour. And to think she had a child in the house and the beast didn't care to reduce the time or impact of the beatings.

Glad she broke the shackles that bound her.